November Reflections 2017

I can not believe I am ALREADY making this post. It seems like just yesterday I was reflecting back on October. Does time fly or what? November honestly was NOT the month for me. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I know almost NOTHING went right. *Face palm emoji*

I really had November all planned out. I was determined to accomplish all of my goals I had set out for this month, but I fell short. I’m honestly upset with myself because I feel like I wasted so much of time. For one, I took a week off from the blog and youtube because I needed to get some things in order and I think thats where I started feeling like I was so behind. Honestly though, its good to take a break from work because life can and WILL get stressful.

Even though I may not have accomplished EVERYTHING on my list, I did get to check off some things. So, November wasn’t all that bad, I just know what I’m capable of and I know that I could have done better. Let me stop rambling and get on with the show.

▪️My goal was to reach 150 on the Women Who Youtube + Blog Facebook group and we are currently at 420 and growing as I type.
▪️I finally reached 2k on my instagram, but I made a new one right after. So, I’m starting all the way over. I’m actually really excited about it too.
▪️I started doing yoga and I absolutely love it. I just need to invest in a yoga mat.
Side Note – Did y’all know that you can do yoga in bed? I do yoga every morning in the comfort of my bed until I can purchase a mat. Youtube has EVERYTHAANNGG!
▪️I began my gratitude journal. I write 3-5 things I’m grateful for every morning after I do my yoga. I’ve been slacking though.
▪️I won another giveaway this month and I’m quite excited about that.
▪️I’ve started listening to audiobooks and the book I am currently listening to is called You Are a Badass ( because I am )
▪️I did my first EVER holiday gift guide. Let me say, that was some WORK! I’m thinking about doing a few more before Christmas arrives.

How was November for you?

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  1. Congrats on your accomplishments!! Didn’t know about yoga in the bed but that sounds like a great way to start the day. November was an “eh” month for me also, hoping for a good December though!

  2. Brilliant goals for November- I’ve just discovered Yoga too but didnt know I could do it in bed! Win win!! Good luck with your new Insta account 🙂 Bring on December

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