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Can you believe its 2018 already?

It’s been a long year – mistakes were made, lessons were learned, friends/family were loss, goals were accomplished, etc. And now that the new year has arrived, be prepared to see a million and one “New year, new me” post.

*intense eye roll*

It’s a new year and it’s time to get on the right track, stay focused, and mind your business all 2018.

What I am saying is, it’s time to get ourselves in order – organize our lives, work, and everything in between.

So, with that being said I’m about to tell you all about how you can do so with the Slay Your Goals Planner.

Slay Your Goals Planner Review

All through the year, I had been searching for a planner. I came across a few apps… BUT, I just could not get jiggy with them, plus I’m a pen and paper kind of gal, okay?! Luckily, I found the Slay Your Goals Planner. The Slay Your Goals Planner is an 81-page planner full of awesomeness. The planner was created by Nadalie from Its All You Booimg_9111

The first thing that caught my eye was this wasn’t like any other planner that I had come across. You know the regular old planners that are just one page shy of BORING, yep those! This planner has so much more to offer AND it’s a PRINTABLE (and digital) planner. You remember, when I said that I was a ‘pen and paper kind of gal?’ Well, yes this was the right fit for me. With it being a printable planner you can print however many pages that you are comfortable with. The Slay Your Goals Planner is only $27 and let me tell you that it is worth every last dime.

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When you purchase the planner, there will be many different sections and/or chapters. It may seem overwhelming at first, however, Nadalie has made it easier by putting instructions at the top of every page so you will not get confused. She also put inspirational quotes in every chapter to keep you motivated. I mean, who doesn’t love quotes that are inspiring?

img_9118In chapter one, its all about setting your intentions and forcing you to reach deep down to find out what you truly want to achieve in your life – She asks you questions like :

  • “It’s my dream to__________”
  • “My mantra is __________”
  • “My purpose is to ___________”

In chapter two and three, its all about choosing the RIGHT goals. Choosing goals that will agree with your greatest challenges, knowing HOW you will achieve your goals, and what you’ll need to do so.

In the fourth chapter, this is where you plan out your year. Nadalie created a strategic and detailed planning roadmap. This roadmap will lead you in the right direction of what you NEED to do to have a year full of growth and success.

She really sparks the fire under you and gets your wheels turning.

In chapter five, this is where you crush your to-do’s. Nadalie started this chapter off with a goals flow chart divided in quarterly sections, however, the one that really caught my eye was the priority levels worksheet – you write down what you need to do and how important it is with three ranks – ‘Not’, ‘Sorta’, ‘Super’.

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However, my ALL time favorite is…

*drum roll*

CHAPTER SIX!! And, I’ll tell you exactly why! Chapter six is about reflecting. I love reflecting back on my days, months, and year because it makes me acknowledge my growth and what I may have done right/wrong. And that’s exactly what this chapter does, she asks you specific questions like :

  • “How do you feel about your last month?”
  • “What life lessons did you learn?”

I really love how she put so much time and effort into this planner. She truly makes you search through places within yourself, that you weren’t aware of. This is not just a planner, it’s a life-changer and I am so glad that I came across this 81-page full of awesomeness.

It’s time to SLAY your goals!! Are you ready?



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