How to Spend a Weekend in Pensacola Beach, Florida

Florida is one of the many states that I’ve always wanted to visit, so when I got the news that we were going on a weekend vacation to Florida you can only imagine my excitement.

We decided to go to Pensacola Beach, Florida and I am glad we did. Pensacola Beach is a Florida resort community on the Gulf Coast barrier island of Santa Rosa. There is a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and you can’t forget about the beautiful boardwalk.

With the beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters you can probably understand why I didn’t want to leave at all.

Here are a few things that we did on the trip.

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Friday //

We decided to leave out at around 7:00am to get to Florida at a rather decent time. It was a 6-hour drive, so we arrived at around 1:00pm and we were all ready to start our adventures in such a beautiful place. We spent a good amount of time swimming, enjoying the waters and the different sceneries around.


Pensacola Beach //
You probably guessed that our first stop would be the beach. The waters were crystal clear and cold but that didn’t stop us from sticking our feet in every chance we could. Let’s not forget about the beautiful white sands that felt so warm under our feet.


Holiday Inn’s Lazy River //
Our hotel was remodeling their pool area, so we got access to the Holiday Inn’s lazy river — you couldn’t pull us out if you wanted to. Their pool area was loaded with activities from chillin’ in the jacuzzi to relaxing by the pool watching movies on the big screen projector to getting warm by the firepit.

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Mini Golf at Tiki Island //
If you believe that you’re a Tiger Woods at golf then head over to Tiki Island for some Mini Golf. With their 18 challenging courses, you are sure to have a good time. We spent an hour or so playing and enjoying ourselves. (P.s. I won!)

Saturday //

We woke up around 6:00 am. We were trying to catch the sunrise, but that didn’t go as expected. After eating breakfast, we decided to start our day off by relaxing on the beach. Our inner child came out to play as well when we began to play in the sand — building stairs, chairs, and burying ourselves. If you don’t play in the sand at the beach, did you really enjoy yourself?? 🤔

Jet Skiing at Key Sailing //
Across the highway, there is another waterfront with a variety of even more activities that include: parasailing, sailing, boat rides, jet ski’s, and so much more. We decided to face our fears and jet ski for the first time. It was an amazing experience and something I would love to do again. 



Go-Kart at Bonifay Watersports //
If you know how to drive a go-kart or if you don’t… You should definitely go try your skills go-karting — I promise you’ll enjoy yourself. I was actually really afraid at first because it was my first time, but you’ll get the hang of it rather quickly. Even though I got lapped a few times it was still a great experience.


Pensacola Beach Pier //
If you are afraid of being surrounded by water, then definitely stick to the other activities. The Pensacola Beach Pier is 1,471 feet long and your anxiety will have you thinking that you’re going to fall through at any time. Besides that… it’s beautiful. We walked all the way to the end and had a surprise waiting on us… WE SEEN A DOLPHIN! Sadly, I didn’t move fast enough to capture a picture so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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Eat at Crabs //
We ended our Saturday day night eating at a restaurant called Crabs. We ate outside with the beach right at our fingertips. We literally had a beach view and it was beautiful! Oh, and the food was AMAZING! I got myself chicken and asparagus alfredo. I decided to try something new instead of asking for a fine basket of chicken strips. (Is that you too?) Lastly, shout out to our waitress Brenda — she was super friendly and made sure everything was good and IT WAS!



Sunday //

Welp, Sunday was our last day. We decided to give the beach one last visit before it was time to go home.53657461-DC43-4802-BB49-8B3393296B39

Let’s just say that it was a GREAT vacation and I truly enjoyed myself. Florida has the most friendly and heartwarming people, beautiful views, and amazing activities. I will definitely be back soon to partake in even more fun!

Have you been to Florida and what did you love the most?

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