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6 More Ways to Practice Self-Care (+ A Free Self-Care Checklist)

In April, I published a self-care post called 6 Ways to Practice Self-Care, which a lot of you enjoyed. So, I decided to introduce 6 MORE ways to practice self-care because it’s quite important and it’s definitely my favorite <3

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We all fail to take care of ourselves and our well-being sometimes and that’s okay. However, I hope this post will remind you just how important it truly is to spend time with yourself and to take care of yourself.

6 More Way to Practice Self Care, self care ideas

So, read on while I give you 6 more ways to show love to yourself.

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1. Take a break /
One quick way to burnout is to continue to overwork yourself without giving yourself the time and space you need to recharge. As much as we may like to believe that we are some kind of superhero and we can take on any and everything — trust me, we can’t. I’m still recovering and trying to get my groove back from constantly working myself until I had nothing left.

2. Treat yourself /
Go grab yourself a coffee, go to the movies, go get your nails done. Love on yourself because you freakin’ deserve it. Too often we walk around with the weight of the world on our shoulders and we need to be able to release all that stress from our bodies by engaging in activities that we love and enjoy.

Self care isn't selfish, quote, self care ideas

3.Call your friends/family /
Sometimes we can get so caught up in our work that we begin to neglect some of our most important things and/or people. Call your family and/or friends, catch up with one another.

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4. Take a trip /
If you can, take yourself on a trip. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far + it will be a great way to spend time alone with yourself and not have to worry about everything, even if its only for a day. The smallest things can make the biggest impact on your overall well-being.

When I went to Florida for a weekend, it was the most amazing trip ever. Just to spend time enjoying my surroundings, engaging in activities, and just having fun without worrying about what I need to check off my to-do list next. (Speaking of a to-do list, go purchase yours NOWon my Etsy shop)

5. Drink Water /
I’m sure y’all are probably wondering why I put this one on the list. Drinking water seems to be overlooked at times when it is so good for our health and our body. Put down the coffee, sodas, and juice sometimes and get you some water.

P.s. I’m not a big fan of water, however, I am currently on a water diet where I’m strictly drinking ONLY water and NOTHING ELSE!

*side eye*

6. Say “NO” /
You know those times when someone asks you to go somewhere and deep down you just DON’T want to go, but you feel bad because this is your 3rd time bailing..? Yea, I get it. However, it’s better to just say “NO”, instead of going and feeling uncomfortable the whole entire time. Your wellbeing is more important than feeling out of place and/or uncomfortable. It’s okay!

P.s. If you have anxiety then you know just how hard this one can actually be.

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Are you taking care of yourself today?

self care checklist, self care ideas


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