Why You Should Be Using Tailwind For Instagram

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Have you been using Tailwind for Instagram? If not, you SHOULD be and I’ll tell you why.

Tailwind has been used for Pinterest by many bloggers and/or content creators. Just go scroll through Pinterest itself. It has been a hot topic all around the blogosphere. It is an amazing marketing tool that helps you schedule your pins and/or Instagram post at the best times for high engagement.

I’ve been using Tailwind for Pinterest and let me just say it’s been so helpful. However, I’ve also been using Tailwind for Instagram and I have to say if you’re not using it you are definitely missing out.

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Tailwind has this awesome feature called the Hashtag Finder Tool. It makes it super easy to find popular and active hashtags to use that relates to your photo. The first photo I uploaded with Tailwind + the Hashtag Finder Tool, I got over 10 new followers within the first 5 minutes and comments instantly!

Also, I got a notification that said that the post was doing 80% better than most of my other posts.

(These are my personal results, but Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.)


In the video below, as you can see the hashtags range from four different colors that show you if they are niche hashtags, good hashtags, best hashtags or too competitive hashtags. So, I tried to stay between “good” and “best” when picking the hashtags. It’s very important not to choose hashtags that have over a million post already.

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And since those hashtags worked great for me, I decided to save them and use them again in some of my future photos.

If you are in a specific niche, then you can use niche hashtags to reach specific people in your target audience. Another thing that I mentioned before is that in the video, I did not choose any hashtags that were in the “competitive” range, because more than likely there is over a million post and it’ll just get overlooked and/or pushed to the bottom. And, we don’t want that at all.

Watch the video below and it’ll show you just how to use to Tailwind + the Hashtag Finders Tool.

Are you ready to take your hashtag game to the next level via Tailwind?

Click here (affiliate link) to try it out and see how it works for you!


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